Churchill 3" Gun Carrier

In April 1999 the remains of four Churchill tanks were unearthed at Arpinge in Kent UK. These vehicles turned out to be 3" gun carriers - a most fortunate discovery as only 50 such vehicles were ever made. Bovington Tank Museum collected the most complete vehicle whilst the Cadman Brothers recovered the other three. Earlier this year Rex Cadman was kind enough to invite me to photograph the Churchills in his possession (I had previously photographed Bovington's Gun Carrier shortly after its arrival at Bovington in 2000) and as a result we are able to offer this 'unique' photo study.

Despite the poor condition of these vehicles Rex tells me that he feels it would be possible to perform a cosmetic restoration of his most compete vehicle (shown below) using parts from the other two.

Bovington's Gun Carrier is now out of public view (in storage I presume) having been moved from the coach park where I photographed it. I am not aware of any plans to attempt any restoration.

Above are the other two Gun Carriers owned by Rex & Rod Cadman. As can be seen there is very little left of the lower vehicle but there is also a pile of plates (including what looks like part of the roof plate) and another 3" gun nearby (but not in view)

Below is the Gun Carrier that went to Bovington Tank Museum. (In the background can be seen two post war Churchill variants, the Link Dog ARK and the Flail).


© C. Shillito 2002