Churchill MkVII

The following photographic study is of two separate Churchill Crocodiles and some interesting comparisons can be made between them. One is at the Muckleburgh Collection and is somewhat the worse for wear. The other vehicle is privatley owned by Mr David Russell and has been undergoing restoration for the past 12 years. Many thanks to David Russell for granting permission to photograph this wonderful restoration, and special thanks to David Morse for making time to give me a guided tour.

These two photographs make for an interesting comparison. Note how the Muckleburgh Collection vehicle lacks 'cheek bulges' on either side of the gun mantlet - some Crocs had them some didn't. This vehicle also is missing it periscopes.


Mike Kendall of AFV Interiors has kindly permitted us to link directly to his incredibly detailed study of the Churchill MkVII Interior. This is without doubt the most comprehensive coverage of this vehicle that you will find.

AFV Interiors: Churchill MkVII

2000 Chris Shillito