Thnks to Carlos J. D'Arcy who compiled and donated the list of Churchill related reference material on which this page has developed..


Maple Leaf Up Photo studies of Mk VII Croc.
Armoured Engineer Photo studies of the Linked Arc, Toad & MkVII AVRE
AFV INTERIORS Comprehensive Interior study of the MkVII
With the North Irish Horse in World War Two A superb personal site honouring the men of the North Irish Horse. Authored by a WWII N.I.H. veteren this site contains not only a fine narrative but also Rolls of Honour, Casualty lists medals and decorations.
North Irish Horse Regimental Association Comprehensive Battle Reports of actions in North Africa and Italy during WWII, Regimental history, WWII Roll of Honour and a fine collection of photographs.
Royal Engineers Association - Armoured Engineer Branch An excellent photo collection of AVREs, ARKs, Bridgelayers, Toad and Crocodile.
9th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment Former members and friends of the 9th have undertaken to develop this site as a historical reference and tribute to those who served and those who lost their lives. This site contains some excellent reference material on the 9th RTR and the makeup of a Tank Brigade. Also included on the site is an online version of Peter Beale's "Tank Tracks" with updated and extra Appendices not previously published.


Mr Churchill’s Tank - David Fletcher, Schiffer Pub. Ltd, Pa. USA, 1999. - ISBN 0764306790


The most definitive account of the development history of the Churchill Gun Tanks produced to date - An absolute must for any Churchill students. BUT... why oh why didn't Schiffer provide an index for such a high quality reference book - most frustrating and inexcusable! [C. Shillito]


 The Churchill Tank -Tanks Illustrated #25 - C. Ellis, Arms & Armour Press, U.K., 1987. -ISBN 0853688087.


Churchill Infantry Tank 1941-1951 - Bryan Perrett, New Vangurd 4, Osprey Pub., London, 1993. - ISBN 185532-297-8
(Previously published as Vanguard 13, Osprey Pub., London, 1980. -ISBN 0850453402)


Good accounts of Churchill operations and Tank Brigade organisations. Some glaring faults however such as the suggestion that earlier models of the MkIV carried the QF 6-pdr MkV as identified by the counter-weight- also attributing the 25th Army Tank Brigades Diablo (Black on red/yelllow shield) to the 21 Army Tank Brigade (there is a lot of confusion over these diablos). Strangely, Perrett continues to inists that it is 'generally accepted' that a Churchill MkII is one armed with a 3" howitzer in the turret and a 2-pdr in the hull - this is simply not the case. Generally very similar in content to Bryan Perrett's earlier book (see below) - many of the same photos etc.[Chris Shillito]


The Churchill - Bryan Perrett, Ian Allen Ltd., UK, 1974. -ISBN 0711005338
  This book deals with the combat history of the Churchill. It details the Churchill's use in combat from Dieppe, through North Africa and Italy, to Normandy and North-West Europe. There are many personal stories from Churchill crew members related within the text to accompany the official unit history material. [Bob Grimster]


The Churchill Tank - Chamberlain & Ellis, Arms Arm Press, Lon., 1971. -ISBN 85368-042-6
  This book details the technical development of the Churchill and Churchill variants. Covers every variation prototyped, tested or produced on the Churchill chassis. Very detailed descriptions with accompanying photos. [Bob Grimster]


The Churchill Tank - Vehicle History and Specification - Tank Museum, London, HMSO 1983. -ISBN 0112904041
  Essentially a reproduction of the MkVII Instruction manual (although some sections missing). Lots of detail on how the tank works - plenty of diagrams including stowage sketches. Also included are some 1:35th scale plans but to be honest these are prety dreadful. [C. Shillito]


Dieppe Through the Lens - H. G. Henry, After the Battle, G.B., 1990 -ISBN 0900913762


Tank Tracks - Peter Beale, Sutton Pub Ltd, UK 1995. -ISBN 0750915196

The 9th Battalion RTR at war 1940-45. Draws heavily from the War diaries with personal annotations. Includes Casuality Lists, Honours and Awards and tank names.


6th Guards Tank Brigade - Patrick Forbes, Sampson Low, Marston & Co.

Includes Roll of Honour, Order of Battle, Decorations, and Tank names for the Grenadier, Coldstream and Scots Guards.


In At The Finish - J.G. Smith, Minerva Press, ISBN 1-85863-516-0

Personal recollections of Trooper Smith who served with 141 RAC (Crocodiles) in NW Europe.


With Churchills to War - Peter Gudgin, Sutton Pub., G.B., 1996. -ISBN 0750912391


An Account of our Stewardship - W.J. Seymour, Vauxhall Motors Ltd., 1948.

An account of Vauxhalls wartime achievments - concentrating not surprisingly on the Churchill. [Chris Shillito]


An Addiction to Automobiles - Maurice Platt, Frederick Warne Ltd, ISBN 0 7232 2713 6

Maurice Platt was a senior engineer at Vauxhall his book includes a chapter on wartime developments including the Churchill.


Tamiya Photographic Album of the British Churchill Tank- Tamiya Plastic Model Co.

Photo studies of MkIII, MkVII, MkVII AVRE, Crocodile trailer and + IWM photos. Some nicely detailed sketches picking up on subtle details such as variations in vane sights, hatch catches etc.[Chris Shillito]


The Great Tank Scandal - David Fletcher, HMSO, ISBN 0-11-290460-02
The Universal Tank - David Fletcher, London, HMSO, 1993. -ISBN 011290534X


.David Fletcher's two part masterpiece on British Tank development in WWII. [Chris Shillito]


Sutherland’s War - Douglas Sutherland, Leo Cooper, London, 1984. -ISBN 0436506017

An often humerous account of the authors wartime service. Particularly noteable for details given regarding training with Churchill CDL tanks. [Chris Shillito]


Death of a Regiment - John Foley, Cassell , London 1959.

Fictional account drawing on personal experiences. [Chris Shillito]


Mailed Fist - John Foley, Granada, G.B.., 1975. -ISBN 0383124917


Tank Twins - Stephen Dyson, Leo Cooper, London, 1994. -ISBN 0850522749


The story of twins serving in the 107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps.


British Tanks of WWII (1) France and Belgium - David Fletcher, Concord Publications Co., Hong Kong, 2000. - ISBN 9623616503


British and American Tanks of WWII - Chamberlain & Ellis,Arco Publishing Co., New York ISBN 0668018674




A.R.E, The Story of the 1st Assault Brigade, Royal Engineers. 1943-1945. London RE, 1946.


Armoured Crusader - Kenneth Macksey, Hutchinson, London,1967


The Funnies - Geoffrey W. Futter, Bellona Books, MAP Ltd, G.B.. 1974. -ISBN 0852424051


Iron Fist - (Hobo’s Funnies, p111- p127) Bryan Perrett, Arms & Armour Press, London, GB. 1995. -ISBN 1854092189


The Story of the 79th Arm. Div. - Anon. (John Borthwick), Hamburg, Germany, July 1945.


79th Armoured Division - N.W. Duncan, Profile Pub., Eng. 1972. -ISBN 853830827


Vanguard of Victory - David Fletcher, London, HMSO 1984. -ISBN 011290422X


Churchill’s Secret Weapons- P. Delaforce, Robert Hale, England 1998. -ISBN 0709062370


Service Instruction Book for Churchill III & IV AVRE, Fitted with Mortar, recoiling Spigot Mk I & Mk II. Chilwell Catalogue 62/631, March 1944. Crown Copy. Rev.


Flame Thrower - Andrew Wilson, Bantam Books Inc, New York, USA, 1984. - ISBN 0553245333


Tank 3: Sugar Sugar -David Williams, Corgi Books, Transworld Publishers Ltd, London, 1978. ISBN 0552107549


The Killing Ground - Elleston Trevor, Ballantine Books Inc., New York, USA, 1965.


79th Armoured Division Final Report -Printing and Stationary Services 21 Army Group, Germany, July 1945.




AFVG2 - Various

Airfix Magazine Annual #4 - 3" Gun Carrier


Airfix Magazine Guide #17 - British Tanks of WWII


Airfix Magazine, Oct 1965 through Jan 1968 - The Churchill Tank Series, Parts 1-8, Peter Chamberlain.


Battle Magazine - Jan 1978 - NA75


Churchill - Tamiya Photographic Album, Tamiya News, Tamiya Model Co, Japan


Fine Scale Modeler - Dec 1998 -Dieppe


Ground Power #18, 95/11- British Military Vehicles of WWII. (Japanese Mag. )


Ground Power #36 97/05, # 37 97/06


Militar’s Kits 2 -AVRE (French Mag.)


Militaria Magazine #14 (US Edition), April 1995- Early Churchills


Military in Scale- June 1994, July 1998, July 1999


Military Miniatures in Review #9 - NA75


Modell-Fan- July 1977 , (German Mag.)


Museum Ordnance - Jan 1993 - Darlington Prod. Inc. MD.USA


Steelmasters Vol #20, Vol # 30- AVRE (French Mag.)


Tank Magazine- 91-05, 93-11, Vol 16 #3- Drawings ,Churchill Mk III (Japanese Mag.)


Tank Magazine Special - Anglo-American Tanks of WWII, July 1992. Japan


War Machine #112, Orbis Pub, London, UK


 Military Modelling Magazine (UK)

April 1971 through Jan 1973 - The Funnies Series, Geoffrey W. Futter

Jan 1978 - Crocodile

Sept 1978 -SBG Bridgelayer

Nov 1978 - AVRE Fascine & Gutted Bren Carrier

Oct 1979 - Churchill Frog Flail

Aug 1980 - Log Carrier

June 1980 - Bridgelayer

June 1984 through May 1985 - D-Day Assault Engineers Series, M.D. Taylor.

Sept 1990 - NA75

Oct 1995 - Dieppe

April 1996 - Scale 1/12 Churchill Mk VII


Bellona Military Vehicle Prints, MAP Ltd., UK. 1965

Series # 19 -Churchill Mk.I

Series #25 - Churchill Bridgelayer

Series #26 - Churchill Mk.III, Mk.IV, Mk.V


 Profile AFV Weapons Series

No.1 Churchill - British Infantry Tank, MK4 - B.T. White, Profile Pub. Ltd, England.

No.20 Churchill and Sherman Specials - Chamberlain and Ellis, Profile Pub. Ltd, England.

No.35 British Armoured Recovery Vehicles and Wheels, Tracks & Transporters- Chamberlain and N.W. Duncan, Profile Pub. Ltd., England, 1971


Tankette - MAFVA Magazine, UK

Vol 7 / #4 - Twin ARK

Vol 12 / #2 - Picture

Vol 13 / #6 - Frog

Vol 14 / #3 - 3" Gun Carrier

Vol 22 / #2 - Dieppe,

Vol 22 / #3 - Dieppe,

Vol 22 / #4 - Dieppe, Beach track laying device, Markings

Vol 22 / #5 - Dieppe, Oke Flamethrower

Vol 26 / #3 - Jumbo

Vol 27 / #1 - Great Eastern Ramp

Vol 29 / #1 - Great Eastern Ramp

Vol 29 / #3 - Great Eastern Ramp

Vol 31 / #4 - Oke Flamethrower

Vol 32 / #5 - AVRE in Italy

Vol 33 / #2 - 6th Guards Tank Brigade


AFV News - (Ontario, Canada)

Vol 10 / #4 - Roto trailers

Vol 11 / #2 - Alamein

Vol 28 / #1 - ARK

Vol 30 / #2 - Dieppe


Tank Museum Plans Pack

The Tank Museum, RAC Centre, Bovington, Dorset, UK, BH20 6JG