Churchill AVRE MK 3 Registration Numbers

Registration numbers from vehicle registration cards as at in 1949 but most were scrapped or cannibalised between 1953 to 1956. Registration numbers taken from the VRN cards held at the Bovington Tank Museum..

45ZR09 (T68148), 45ZR22 (T68660), 45ZR48 (T68894), 45ZR51 (T68916)

46ZR20 (T68141), 46ZR21 (T68142), 46ZR24 (T68286), 46ZR26 (T68420)

46ZR30 (T68593), 46ZR39 (T69063), 49ZR31(T68606), 49ZR32 (T32111)

44ZR90 (T68738)


Churchill AVRE Mk7 Registration Numbers

Registration numbers either taken from VRN cards or photographs.

34ZR35, 34ZR37, 34ZR38, 34ZR41, 34ZR42, 34ZR43, 34ZR44, 34ZR45, 34ZR46, 34ZR47, 34ZR48, 34ZR50, 34ZR51, 34ZR52, 34ZR55, 34ZR57, 34ZR59, 34ZR62, 34ZR71, 34ZR72, 34ZR74, 34ZR75, 34ZR76, 34ZR81, 34ZR84, 34ZR87, 34ZR88, 34ZR89, 34ZR98, 34ZR99

35ZR00, 35ZR03, 35ZR05, 35ZR08, 35ZR09

36ZR02, 36ZR04, 36ZR31, 36ZR49, 36ZR53, 36ZR84, 36ZR96, 36ZR97

37ZR00, 37ZR01, 37ZR02, 37ZR04, 37ZR05, 37ZR07, 37ZR14, 37ZR15, 37ZR17, 37ZR19, 37ZR20, 37ZR22, 37ZR24, 37ZR27, 37ZR28, 37ZR34, 37ZR46, 37ZR48, 37ZR54, 37ZR59, 37ZR64, 37ZR65, 37ZR70, 37ZR72, 37ZR76, 37ZR79, 37ZR81, 37ZR82, 37ZR86, 37ZR91,

39ZR02, 39ZR04, 39ZR05, 39ZR07, 39ZR08, 39ZR09, 39ZR10, 39ZR11, 39ZR12, 39ZR13, 39ZR14, 39ZR17, 39ZR18, 39ZR20, 39ZR21, 39ZR22, 39ZR24,

40ZR05, 40ZR06, 40ZR08



48ZR66 AVRE MK4 converted to a 6.5 inch T341333


2000 M. Orsbourn