This Armour In Focus profile has been designed with the aim of focusing in depth on the Churchill Infantry tanks. These pages will be subject to additions in the coming months as more reference material is made available.

Some notable aspects to this site are:

  • The 'Churchill Register' listing known surviving Churchill based vehicles.
  • The Photo Studies provide extensive & detailed close up coverage of several surviving Churchills.
  • The 'Stowage Diagrams' offer a quick and easy way to find out what went where inside and out for each model. To accompany each diagram there is a stowage list which has links for each item to an appropriate stowage diagram. These diagrams take a little time to download so please be patient - it's well worth it.
  • The Articles section contains orginal research material provided by our contributors.
  • The Restoration section looks at an ongoing project to restore a Churchill MkIII*
  • Site update info can be found on the Message Board which may also be used for general discussion by site visitors.

We have made efforts to give correct accreditation for all sources used as part of this feature (see credits). However, If you believe is wrongly accredited then please let us know. We welcome (and encourage) feedback and donations of material for use on this site (providing no copyrights are infringed in the supply and internet publishing of such material).