Turret Stowage & Fittings

Below you will find interactive reproductions of the Churchill MkIV 75mm stowage diagrams which is also typical for the MkIII*.

  • Hover you mouse pointer over items of stowage to see a description of the item.
  • Click on items highlighted in red to view an associated photograph and/or a more detailed explanation.


Periscope periscope 2 inch smoke bomb Turret Traverse Control roof light Fire Extinquisher Prisms, object, Vickers’ tank periscope Grease, M.G. Mk. I Cleaning rod - .303 M.G., Belt, Besa med. M.G., Turret Travers Motor and Gear Ventilator Firing pedal 10 magazines, Thompson sub-M.G. Bincoulars, Oil can & clearing plug 3 Hand grenades 75mm HE & AP Gunners Seat Gun, Machine, BESA 7.92mm Lanyard, Cocking

W.S. 19 Control Unit No.2 MkII WS 19 variometer Spare Valves for W.S. 19 Signal Pistol 12 Cartridges, Signal Hellesen Lamp 3 hand grenades 6 Hand Grenades Spare periscope prisms Satchels, signals Commander's seat Gunner's seat Thompson sub-machine gun Engine compartment fire extinquisher Engine compartment fire extinquisher (CO2) Engine Air intake filter Bren M.G. Magazines 2 boxes, Besa ammunition Commander's Wallet 75mm HE & AP Box, Besa 7.92mm 12 Boxes Besa Ammunition 4 Magazines, Bren M.G. Bin, 2 capes and gloves, anti-gas Commander's Platform Bren M.G. or rangefinder Tank, Water, 2.75 gall clinometer W.S. 19 Control Unit No.1 MkII

The stowage item photographs and descriptions can also be accessed directly by browsing the following files: