Communications Equipment


W.S. 19

Power supply to left, wirless set to right, A set Variometer on top.


W.S. 19 spare valves case


W.S. 19 Crystal calibrator


W.S. 19 Morse Key


W.S. 19 leads


W.S. 19 headphones and microphone


Aerial bases


W.S. 19 Control Unit No.1 MkII

Mounted on LHS of the tank - has drop leads for Commander and Gunner. Switch selects either A Set, B Set or Intercom.


W.S. 19 Control Unit No.2 MkII

Mounted on RHS of the tank. Top switch has two positions, N for Normal operation and R.

In normal mode the lower switch selects between the A set, B set or intercom.

Position R has two uses:- "through calls" and Re-braodcast.

Through calls enable a distant station on the A net to communicate directly with a distant station on the B net, the control unit acting as a 'telephone exchange'. can be made from stations on the A set to stations on the B set., although the operator must move the selector switch each time the direction of message changes.

Re-Broadcast is the permanent or temporary relaying of all transmissions on the A net of one vehicle to the B sets of all other vehicles.

The black object to upper right is in fact a 'red' bulb which lights was a warning when the A set is left unattended.


W.S. 19 Dummy load (left) and Operator's light (right)